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It was 1994 when Pastors Larry and Leslie Roques received direction from the Lord to establish a new church in their home town of Slidell, LA. But the work that God had in store for them was anything but ordinary. In Nehemiah, chapter 8, God uses Nehemiah to do the impossible. Against all odds, Nehemiah, with only the favor of the Lord rebuilt the temple wall in Israel using the pieces of distruction that lay all around the feet of him and all who labored beside him. Many of us today have become burned stones....we are burned out on new religious fad, burned out with traditional religion, burned out with pulpit politics....just burned out. The work God called Pastors Larry and Leslie to do was another take on Nehemiah 8. Using the burned stones of life, religion, and all thier trappings, Joy Fellowship Church has seen the miraculous. From their roots ministering to children in the areas projects and low cost housing communities, to the amazing move of God that enabled us to minister to multiplied thousands during our Hurricane Katrina relief the pioneering and establishing of a satellite church in New Orleans devastated Lower Ninth Ward...the Lord continues to prove to us everyday that "The Joy of The Lord is our strength".

our pastors:
Pastor Larry Roques
Pastor Leslie Roques

Lead Pastors

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Andrew Francart

Evangelism Pastor

Laurence Roques

Worship Pastor

Team work
Jennifer Francart

Hospitality Pastor

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